StoneCrabs Theatre

Shine a light

StoneCrabs Theatre is a contemporary, socially curious theatre company creating high-quality unique performances.

Their mission is to place underrepresented voices centre stage whilst nourishing the next generation of theatre-makers.

We were keen for their new brand to make a connection between what StoneCrabs do in a practical sense – Theatre – but also the bigger picture: shining a light on diversity, social issues and untold stories. We looked to the language of theatre lighting to communicate this, creating a graphic system that can be used on all of their communications to ’shine a light’. This is distilled into their logo, which also playfully references the wonderful story behind the StoneCrabs name – a crab which can lose its claw only for it to adapt and renew, coming back stronger.

The scope of work included a robust but flexible templating system for communications, a brand hierarchy strategy and guidelines for the company and their partners.

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