Star Trek

Boldly go

We were commissioned by Royal Mail to design a set of Special Stamps, a miniature sheet and collectibles to celebrate over 50 years of Star Trek adventures.

The main set of 12 stamps depict the captain from six principle TV series, plus a key member of the supporting cast. We were inspired by Star Trek’s bright, optimistic vision of the future and reflected this in punchy, radiant colours that work as a gradient across the set.

Each character appears to have been ‘beamed’ into their stamp, a recurring but ever-evolving motif throughout the years. This device also provided an artistic way of blending atmospheric, spacey backgrounds, including the starships. We worked closely with artist Freya Betts to create a consistent visual aesthetic across the many decades of programming.

The miniature sheet is treated as a fictitious contemporary photographic movie poster. Various sized headshots from the movies are artfully arranged around the Star Trek delta symbol, atop a vivid galactic background tableau.

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