MTV Moonperson

Beyond MTV

True to its explorative, space traveling nature the MTV Moonperson is breaking free of the Video Music Awards to be the helmeted face of the MTV brand.

On August 1, 1981, MTV propelled itself into the pop culture stratosphere with footage of a real NASA space launch. The Apollo 11 spacecraft blasted off from Earth. An astronaut planted a flag emblazoned with the MTV logo on the moon. A voiceover proclaimed, ‘Ladies and gentlemen, rock and roll.’ And MTV was born.

We created a suite of Moonperson visuals, assets and badges that will stand with the MTV logo or on its own as the embodiment of everything that MTV means to its fans and fully own its place as one of the most popular symbols in pop culture.

The Moonperson assets were presented in a comprehensive set of style guides. These detail how Moonperson connects MTV to its beginnings and points it toward its future.

The deliverables included icons, typefaces and Moonperson products and merchandise.

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