Cristian Zuzunaga

Icon of our time

As an international artist and founder of iconic and joyful design brand Zuzunaga, Cristian’s practice straddles both art and design worlds.

We were keen for the new branding to not overpower Cristian’s artwork but to reference it. We configured the sixteen characters of Cristian’s name into a 4X4 formation, echoing his exploration into pixels and the square form.

Cristian’s practice centres around the connection and tension between analogue and digital processes. We chose to bring this to life through pixelating transitions on the gallery homepage. On visiting Cristian’s studio we were inspired by his vast archiving process to create a beautiful but functional catalogue style repository for all of his work.

This now functions as a place for Cristian to not only organise his collections but also to take viewers on a journey through his artwork, collaborations, commissions and photographic observations.

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