Love Triangle

Created during lockdown and as a direct response to the crisis, Love Triangle was set up by three friends – Ben, Tyson and Will – whose livelihoods disappeared during the disaster. As demand for take-away and home deliveries skyrocketed, and... Continue Reading →


Motif is a collective of artists, illustrators and mark-makers, passionate about fresh, creative design. They wanted to produce premium mints in desirable, design-led packaging that would act as a showcase for their work and asked us to create a name,... Continue Reading →

Cold Brew Tea Co

Brew Tea Co asked us to help them launch a new product in their range – iced tea. The brief called for something with its own powerful identity, but that would also strengthen the parent brand & feel like part of... Continue Reading →


V.good is a new vitamin supplement brand with a mission to help people live the longest possible lifetime in good health. Supporting both health maintenance and busy lifestyles they provide daily, portable sachets, each containing a combination of essential vitamin,... Continue Reading →

Corgi Spirits

Founded in the creative heart of Jersey City and inspired by British distilling traditions and flavours, Corgi Spirits is an independent small-batch distillery with a passion for producing spirits with a character as feisty, bold and dependable as their namesake... Continue Reading →

Black Fire

In ancient Mexico the Gods sent down a lightning bolt to strike the heart of the agave plant and tequila was born. This divine inspiration informed the branding for Black Fire: a new shot drink infused with natural coffee, tequila... Continue Reading →


GREK is a new tea company importing  high quality herbs from Greece where they thrive –loaded with essential oils, solar energy and aromatics. Bringing that vitality to an infusion is something of an art and GREK have focussed on finding... Continue Reading →

Love Cocoa

Love Cocoa is a subscription service, founded by James Cadbury – the great-great-greatgrandson of chocolatier John Cadbury. Their artisan chocolate bars use only organic, fairly traded cacao, whilst sourcing natural ingredients, wherever possible, from independent British producers. Cadbury descendant launches chocolate gift delivery brand Love Cocoa The Telegraph... Continue Reading →

Gourmet Goat

Gourmet Goat create and sell high end Eastern Mediterranean dishes with kid goat as the core ingredient. They needed a brand that would help their move into the retail sector, whilst reflecting their passion and position as the UK's kid goat... Continue Reading →

Jimmy’s Iced Coffee

Jimmy’s mission is to bring proper off-the-shelf iced coffee to the people of the United Kingdom and beyond. We injected the packaging with a sense of fun - giving ‘Jimmy’ a strong tone of voice and employing retro styling using... Continue Reading →

Brew Tea Co

Brew Tea Co were looking to expand into the retail sector, having firmly established themselves supplying tea wholesale to independent shops, museums, galleries and boutique hotels. The rebrand needed to coincide with this new direction, and also to clarify their offer:... Continue Reading →

Conker Spirit

Conker Spirit is Dorset’s first gin distillery. Free from the constraints of tradition Conker are in pursuit of the new and exciting, with a ruthless focus on quality, and they wanted their bottle to reflect this. Design cues were taken from... Continue Reading →