Enodo Economics

Enodo Economics analyses and gathers information, distilling the complexity of the global economy and financial markets - producing clear, high conviction and often off-consensus views. The brief was to create a name and visual identity that would communicate this offer. The word Enodo comes from the... Continue Reading →

Macmillan Cancer Up All Night

Up All Night is a fundraising campaign to stay awake through the night on 12th July and raise money to support people living with cancer. When someone's life has been shaken up by cancer, the fears and worries can be... Continue Reading →

Clore Leadership

Clore Leadership is a dynamic and inclusive resource for leaders and aspiring leaders in the arts, culture and creative sectors. The organisation's aim is to inspire and equip leaders to have a positive impact on society through great leadership of... Continue Reading →

Robinson Webster

Robinson Webster are a new independent retail property advisor, providing strategic agency, investment, development and professional advice to leading owners and occupiers. We were asked to create a new brand identity and, inspired by their integrated and joined up approach,... Continue Reading →

Teach First

Teach First believe in educational equality — how much you achieve in life should not be determined by how much your parents earn. The focus of this year’s Review was the community it takes to educate a child. We named... Continue Reading →

Brew Tea Co

Brew Tea Co were looking to expand into the retail sector, having firmly established themselves supplying tea wholesale to independent shops, museums, galleries and boutique hotels. The rebrand needed to coincide with this new direction, and also to clarify their offer:... Continue Reading →