Love Triangle

Created during lockdown and as a direct response to the crisis, Love Triangle was set up by three friends – Ben, Tyson and Will – whose livelihoods disappeared during the disaster. As demand for take-away and home deliveries skyrocketed, and... Continue Reading →


Motif is a collective of artists, illustrators and mark-makers, passionate about fresh, creative design. They wanted to produce premium mints in desirable, design-led packaging that would act as a showcase for their work and asked us to create a name,... Continue Reading →

Enodo Economics

Enodo Economics analyses and gathers information, distilling the complexity of the global economy and financial markets - producing clear, high conviction and often off-consensus views. The brief was to create a name and visual identity that would communicate this offer. The word Enodo comes from the... Continue Reading →

Cold Brew Tea Co

Brew Tea Co asked us to help them launch a new product in their range – iced tea. The brief called for something with its own powerful identity, but that would also strengthen the parent brand & feel like part of... Continue Reading →


V.good is a new vitamin supplement brand with a mission to help people live the longest possible lifetime in good health. Supporting both health maintenance and busy lifestyles they provide daily, portable sachets, each containing a combination of essential vitamin,... Continue Reading →

Corgi Spirits

Founded in the creative heart of Jersey City and inspired by British distilling traditions and flavours, Corgi Spirits is an independent small-batch distillery with a passion for producing spirits with a character as feisty, bold and dependable as their namesake... Continue Reading →

Black Fire

In ancient Mexico the Gods sent down a lightning bolt to strike the heart of the agave plant and tequila was born. This divine inspiration informed the branding for Black Fire: a new shot drink infused with natural coffee, tequila... Continue Reading →