Love Triangle

Love Triangle

Created during lockdown and as a direct response to the crisis, Love Triangle was set up by three friends – Ben, Tyson and Will – whose livelihoods disappeared during the disaster. As demand for take-away and home deliveries skyrocketed, and community spirit soared, the team were inspired to create a delivery-first pizzeria with community at its core. For every pizza sold, a meal would be donated to the local food bank.

Creative thinkers, Dream Quickly, were inspired by the proposition of a ‘rule of three’ and distilled this into a simple idea: we bring three things together to make something better. From the founders (Tyson/ Ben Will), the core ingredients (cheese, tomato dough), to the objective of the business (kneads, feeds, deeds); it is evident across all aspects of the business. The idea is also embodied in the name, Love Triangle and the strap line ‘when we get together everyone gets a slice.’

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Following the naming and brand concept, we were brought in to bring the brand to life. Rather than focus on the social enterprise nature of the business the identity is flavour-first, shot through with a sunny optimism. The logo embodies the proposition of three things coming together to form a whole using a joyful, nostalgic style of illustration.

Despite being a digital-first brand where pizzas are ordered online, Love Triangle wanted its presence on the high street to be anything but. It was designed as a restaurant for Covid with outside tables, and an inside waiting area for collection and delivery orders. In the midst of lockdown, as restaurants around the country were closing, the Balham site was redesigned with bold colours and vibrant illustrations. The team wanted it to be an optimistic symbol of renewal, just as the hospitality industry was finding itself one of the hardest hit. The bright and bold interior was then covered in illustrations we created that express the importance of people coming together to improve things for everyone: ‘Us, You, Community’ reminds customers of the part they’re playing in alleviating hunger in the local area.

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With the core identity in place, the communication materials needed to be reactive and adaptable to constantly shifting government advice and procedure and needed to be produced in a way that could be managed in-house. We created a playful visual toolkit inspired by the core identity, with enough flex for comms to be created quickly for touchpoints from the largest mural to the smallest social feed.

The power of three plays a huge role in the development of this brand, which is also evident in the creative collaboration process. The Love Triangle founders, Interabang and Dream Quickly worked collaboratively to estaiblish a strong brand and visual identity, but crucially, a business that is greater than the sum of its parts.

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